Sunday, April 13, 2014

Critical Reaction, Todd M. Johnson

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After the Cold War, the Hanford Nuclear facility is now a bigger danger than ever. As the poisoned building erupts in the middle of the night, Kieran Mullaney - a survivor - tries to uncover the truth about what actually happened. But after receiving the silent treatment and facing threats in the course of his investigation, he reconnects with an old friend. Emily Hart, an inexperienced lawyer, and Kieran are sure that something bigger is going on ... and that the truth is being hidden. When the two go to Emily's father, he takes the case as an opportunity to rebuild his relationship with his daughter.

Right away I was hooked, I wanted to keep reading all day until I finished the book. With excellent pacing, a unique voice, and characters that you actually want to succeed, Johnson did an excellent job of keeping the story interesting. Filled with danger, deception, and intrigue, Critical Reaction is a must-read for those that like thrillers, mysteries, drama, and action.  

On a 1-10 (low/high) scale, I'd rate this a 7. I loved the way it grabbed my attention right at the beginning of the story and kept me intrigued throughout the rest of the book.

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