Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shadow Hand, Anne Elisabeth Stengl

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When Lady Daylily runs away on the day of her second (aborted) wedding into the dangerous Wilderlands, her fiancé - Prince Foxbrush - decides to be a hero and rescue her. But when Daylily's first princeling fiancé (and her love ... before he wronged her, at least) finds out that she is gone, he tries to make amends by going after her. But things go terribly awry when the woods plays tricks on each person that enters the Wilderlands; and each returns to a land that is hauntingly familiar.

Basically, this book would be amazing (though still a little confusing, maybe) if I understood what was going on. A basic understanding of what happens in this book is dependent upon the other books in the series. After getting about halfway through the book and trying very hard to follow the vague, confusing style of writing and events taking place, I had to stop until I've read the first books in the series.

Since I haven't finished the book and don't know what's going on regarding series plot lines, I can't give an adequate rating system for this book. The series, however, looks intriguing and I would love to give them a shot provided I read them in order.

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